Sorry, you lost me…

After deleting a few people from my timeline (and of course feeling insanely guilty for it even though I’ve long since tired of their tweets, I figured now would be as good a time as any to post my version of twitter rules. These are the ones I use to pick who I follow orContinue reading “Sorry, you lost me…”

Pick of the week VIII

Well, following on from last week’s pick, here are a few great Twitter accounts to follow. And if you’re not on Twitter yet, get on it now. Veryshortstory does exactly what it says on the tin. Every tweet is a complete story in only 140 characters or less. Unfortunately they are usually too long toContinue reading “Pick of the week VIII”

Insert smart-arse title here

Janet Street-Porter is a twat. Some of you may already have come to that conclusion by yourselves and are now wondering why I am stating such an obvious fact. Well, up until last week I pretty much had no idea who she was. I had heard the name and knew she was some kind ofContinue reading “Insert smart-arse title here”