Making rainbows

As I walked to work this morning, I came across quite an unusual sight. When I got to the quays of the Liffey, near the Samuel Beckett bridge* there were two green and white tug boats, on either side of the river, pumping great arcs of water at each other. I stood there for aContinue reading “Making rainbows”

A weekend adventure

Something unusual happened last weekend: it was a sunny day. A hot sunny day, to be precise. A hot sunny day in Ireland that wasn’t during the 1st weekend of June. Seriously freaky, dude. So, we went out to buy some fish. As one does. Nice fresh fish for the barbecue, to be marinaded withContinue reading “A weekend adventure”

The invention of annoying

The other day, I somehow ended up with tickets to see Ricky Gervais at the O2 (the Dublin one, which although smaller than the London one, is at least a less ridiculous shape). I really like the O2 and what’s been done with it, both architecturally and the whole surrounding organisation of it – theContinue reading “The invention of annoying”

A new bridge? Oh boy…

Yes, I know, as a hooman bean* of the female persuasion, even in today’s forward-thinking society, I shouldn’t get excited about building sites and blocks of concrete. But I do. I’ve loved building stuff since I laid my first block of Lego, almost 30 years ago. Mostly this is limited to me being what someContinue reading “A new bridge? Oh boy…”

The mystery of the white lady

As Roy of the IT crowd said so well: The Oyrish? They’re insaaane. They do mad stuff. Nah, really, they do. Like picking up a perfectly normal football in the middle of a game and chucking it about with their hands. And then they try to get away with it by calling it Gaelic Football.Continue reading “The mystery of the white lady”

Pick of the week IV

Surprisingly enough, the Light House cinema in Dublin is not only not a lighthouse, or a tower of any shape or form, it’s underground. In fact, it’s doubly underground. Underground as in not very well known, kind of arty and different, and very very cool. And underground in that you have to go down aContinue reading “Pick of the week IV”