Dickishness detox

I was reading yet another thought-provoking article from Tiny Buddha the other day and one of the things the author mentioned was “getting rid of the bad people in your life”. That rang a bell. Then John Kovalic went and drew this Dork Tower strip and I knew I had to write something… As theContinue reading “Dickishness detox”

Don’t hate the haters

“Homophobia isn’t a phobia, you’re not scared, you’re an asshole.” I’ve seen this quote all over the internets over the past few days, even shared by people like George Takei (oh MY!) and Morgan Freeman. It gets huge cheers from most people, and bigoted comments from a few. And I don’t agree with either reaction.Continue reading “Don’t hate the haters”

I can do more science, me…

Seeing as you all (all 2 of you) loved the articles I wrote on the Edna scale and The Theory of Dunkability, I thought it was about time to follow that up with something even more astoundingly ground-breaking. In fact, not only that, but this discovery will probably have significant life-changing implications for entire populationsContinue reading “I can do more science, me…”

Companies is peeples too

O2’s network went down in the UK yesterday, and immediately, Twitter, Facebook and the whole socialsphere* filled up with cutting comments about the situation. Because that’s what we do now. Customer service has never been part of my job description as such, and yet somehow, I have ended up doing more than my fair shareContinue reading “Companies is peeples too”

Life and death of the Aerotrain

I discovered the existence of the Aerotrain on a road trip from North-East to South-West France. At some point in an unbelievably boring stretch of motorway, we drove past a strange raised track that was quite obviously cut to let the motorway through. After some research, I discovered that it was the test track ofContinue reading “Life and death of the Aerotrain”

WTF lyrics – Milow – You and me

I keep hearing this one on the radio, and although at first it was mainly irritating in the mushiness of its chorus and the number of times per hour it gets played on French radio, now I’ve actually listened to the lyrics, it’s horrendous. Ok, I get the underlying sentiment, the original intention: he lovesContinue reading “WTF lyrics – Milow – You and me”

Memoria Fugit

I know I don’t usually do book reviews but I thought I’d make an exception for my own book. Besides, let’s face it, it’s not like anyone’s going to interview me about it. Ever. So hey, y’know what? I wrote a book. It sounds really easy like that, doesn’t it. Well, it wasn’t. But itContinue reading “Memoria Fugit”

State of the Union (flag)

Well, I’ve done it. I’ve been and gone and done it. I now own an object that is adorned with the Union flag (You see, dear pedants, I’m not calling it a Union Jack, because although that would mean everyone would understand what I’m talking about, I know there are going to be people readingContinue reading “State of the Union (flag)”