Please tag responsibly

We’ve all got them, haven’t we. Those few friends who constantly tag you in every single bloody post they stick up on facebook, just because you once expressed a vague interest in kittens, or bacon, or┬áreading books. As far as I’m concerned, tagging people should only really occur if it’s a photo they appear inContinue reading “Please tag responsibly”

The cock stop’s here

No, dear grammar geeks, that is not a misplaced apostrophe up there in the title. In fact it would be most ironic if ’twas so, as this post is all about punctuation. And swearing. Now before we begin, I would like to make it clear that I am far from chaste of mouth, I swearContinue reading “The cock stop’s here”

O Captain, my Captain

The unbelievable amount of heartwarming praise and tribute for Robin Williams since he passed away has been incredibly moving. I won’t go on about it, you’ve seen it. So many people were touched by his many many roles both on screen and off it. But the trolls are always there, and in a case likeContinue reading “O Captain, my Captain”

Love is not a four letter word

Well, ok, technically it is, but what I mean is: it’s not that simple. Yesterday, I listened to a wonderful young man step out of a wardrobe, complete with creaking door sound effects. A few years ago, I met a bunch of people on twitter, round about the same time, from all sorts of backgrounds,Continue reading “Love is not a four letter word”

Things to do in London when your feet hurt

I love London. I can’t get enough of the place. Except when I’ve had enough of the place. That’s usually when I’ve walked around so much that my feet are killing me. So here are a few things that I like to do when visiting London and I get to that point. – Hop onContinue reading “Things to do in London when your feet hurt”

[Edited] Expect nothing, in abundance.

Remember the old (possibly biblical) chestnut “treat others as you would want them to treat you” ? I have the feeling that it needs a corollary: “but don’t actually expect anyone to treat you anyway near as well as you would like to be treated”. I’m beginning to realise that one of the main reasonsContinue reading “[Edited] Expect nothing, in abundance.”