Pick of the week XIV

I had to pick this little piece of internet madness this week, simply because it gave me the biggest giggle I have had for a while. It’s far too long to embed in the post, so I’ll just ask you to click here: Please return my spider. Funniest thing is, I have honestly had emailContinue reading “Pick of the week XIV”

Pick of the week IX

Well, as today is a particularly lazy post-barbeque Sunday, I thought I’d pick you all a particularly indulgent and yummy pick of the week. So here are my current 2 favourite treats. And yet again, Twitter is to blame. First, Stephanie mentioned Chocolate and Guinness* cake. Ok, so she had me at “chocolate”, but theContinue reading “Pick of the week IX”

Pick of the week VIII

Well, following on from last week’s pick, here are a few great Twitter accounts to follow. And if you’re not on Twitter yet, get on it now. Veryshortstory does exactly what it says on the tin. Every tweet is a complete story in only 140 characters or less. Unfortunately they are usually too long toContinue reading “Pick of the week VIII”

Pick of the week VII

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin. Once upon a time there was a princess. Well, obviously, not a real princess, but no-one ever starts a story with “once upon a time there was a thirty-something web designer”. Anyhoo, this particular princess must have had a whole bag of Bird’s Eye frozen peas under mattressContinue reading “Pick of the week VII”

Pick of the week V

You know how to peel a banana, right? Wrong! The glorious thing about the Internet is that, while you’re sifting through the infinite quantities of crud, every now and then you find a gem. It’s a bit like beachcombing, sometimes you find a pretty shell, sometimes the shell is pretty enough for you to pickContinue reading “Pick of the week V”

Pick of the week IV

Surprisingly enough, the Light House cinema in Dublin is not only not a lighthouse, or a tower of any shape or form, it’s underground. In fact, it’s doubly underground. Underground as in not very well known, kind of arty and different, and very very cool. And underground in that you have to go down aContinue reading “Pick of the week IV”