My name in lights

Eeep! Of all the reasons for which I thought I might one day see my name in the newspapers, I never would have imagined the one to make it would be designing knitwear for a Danish lady cop. And yet here it is : My jumpers in the Sunday Telegraph!  Check out Emma Kennedy looking allContinue reading “My name in lights”

Such fun !

Psst! Want to hear about my latest adventure? Then come join me in my blanket fort, bring your torch and a bag of marshmallows and I’ll tell you all about it! Ever noticed that being a grown-up isn’t quite as fun as being a ten year-old? Yeah, me too. And that is the main reasonContinue reading “Such fun !”

Why moo is awesome

The first time I stumbled across was on flickr. A little button below my latest uploaded pic which offered to print it onto business cards for me. I was intrigued, and I clicked. The first thing that strikes you about is how simple and friendly it all is: the site design is lightContinue reading “Why moo is awesome”

They’re from Jönköping, actually…

It all began with Fawlty Towers, apparently. Manuel, the waiter, ‘e’s from Barcelona… How exactly that relates to a 30-strong big band from Jönköping, Sweden, I have no idea, but that’s what they called themselves. I’m from Barcelona. They have to be the geekiest-looking group of people I have ever seen, with their 70’s-80’s wardrobe,Continue reading “They’re from Jönköping, actually…”

Utter Utter Basterds

So, after many weeks of faffing about, last night, Husband and I took ourselves down to the Light house cinema to see Inglourious Basterds. And to properly pay homage to old Quentin, we had quarterpounders with cheese beforehand. Muddafucka. Actually, that said, there was surprisingly little swearing in this one, although my German is aContinue reading “Utter Utter Basterds”