Miggo, my new amigo

Quite a few months ago now, I backed my first ever Kickstarter for a very cute and smart product called Miggo. It’s a comfy, padded camera strap that wraps around your camera and becomes a case when not in use. This solved 2 problems I have with my DSLR: finding a decent cover that I can use with it that will fit in my regular everyday bags, and finding a replacement for the atrociously uncomfortable default neck strap. I received my Miggo about a month ago now and we’ve been on a couple of successful adventures together now. It’s as comfortable and practical as I had hoped and I’m so glad it made it to production. You can find their website at mymiggo.com

The one glitch was that my usual lens, an 18-200 mm, was too long for the strap to wrap around as advertised on the site. However, after some experimenting, I discovered a simple solution, so I thought I’d share it.


One thought on “Miggo, my new amigo

  1. Thank you so much for posting this tutorial. I too am a Miggo kickstarter backer and I have a 18-270mm lens on my camera, and I was frustrated at first with trying to get the strap to work. I moved the screw around into the different holes and got it to work, but it flips forward and hangs funny when being used as the neck strap while shooting. I will have to play around with it some more. I am a huge fan of the comfort in the strap, the way it protects my baby in any bag and is a two for one product!

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