Pigtails for humanity

It’s Friday. It may not be by the time you read this, but right now, it’s Friday. It’s been a long week, my back is killing me, I’m knackered, there’s a lot to do at work and less time to do it in. This is a job for Piggytails.

I can’t quite remember when I first invoked the sacred spirit of Piggytails, but I can remember the first time I noticed the effect it has on people. The day my lovely colleague Despina came up to my desk and started playing with my pigtails, singing a little ditty as she swung them up and down. Da-da da-da da-da…

That was the first time I wore pigtails to work, and for some reason, everyone I met that day had a smile on their face. A nice smile, not a “let’s vote Carrie for prom queen” smile.  Even more surprisingly, it worked multiple times, and in several different companies. Right now, I think my colleagues need it even more than I do.

If you have long enough hair (even if you’re a boy) and you think the people around you need a bit of a lift, give it a try, see if being surrounded by smiling people will brighten your day. It’s for the greater good.

Go go Piggytails!

This is not an actual picture of me.

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