Old new year’s resolutions

Okay, so it’s March, a tad late for talking about new year stuff, and of course, you only have my word that I’ve actually been doing this since January. But hey, you also only have my word that I’m not a 6 foot trucker named Bob.

I guess it’s taken me a while to work out a way to formulate the resolution properly. It boils down to “use what you’ve got”.

Maybe it’s just me, but over the years I seem to have accumulated an amazing amount of crap. Clothes, cosmetics, kitchenware, recipe books, exotic foodstuffs… All sorts of things that were bought with full intentions of using them, but that just sit there gathering dust. So I figured sod this, I’m gonna use them or chuck them (or donate them if appropriate).

Clothes is the easiest part, it’s just a question of sorting – mercilessly- until I only have things that I know I’m going to wear within a year and donate the rest to charity. A small caveat goes for things that have sentimental value (wedding dress) and things that I don’t KNOW I’ll need but that would cost me more to buy again and/or would be hard to find (evening gown, suitable dress for a funeral, etc.).

There are quite a few people who read this blog who will be rather surprised to hear that I even own an evening gown. I’m quite surprised that there are quite a few people who read this blog, so now we’re equal.

Cosmetics is a funny one. Obviously, there are best before dates, that’s a good first test of whether to chuck it out or not. I seem to have acquired quite a lot of makeup and other toiletries considering that I must put on makeup about twice a year at most (aside from a basic foundation). Now, of course, there is only so much that you can use up at a time without being sectioned (see below) so it’s a question of using it a little at a time, but things like moisturising creams, foot scrubs, facial scrubs, perfumes and so-on can be added to the daily routine and used up as you go. So many of them have just been sitting there uselessly for ages and are actually rather good.

I’m just using up my stash of makeup, what’s the problem ?

Now for food. This is a bit easier, since it’s something that tends to be renewed on a more regular basis and there are (thankfully) far fewer dodgy best before dates than with cosmetics. But still we have tins of peas and soups and coconut milk and all sorts of odds and ends that just never get used up.

The other thing we have tons of is recipe books. So many of them were bought on a whim or given to us and have been left aside and forgotten about. So we combined the two, started keeping a whiteboard of ideas for the week’s dishes, dipping into the recipe books and the cupboards and working out what we wanted to make and what we need to make it that we don’t already have. It makes shopping a little less tempting and wasteful and we use up all the extras a bit at a time. It’s working pretty well so far. We are trying to avoid massive omelettes containing everything in the cupbord though, that’s just cheating. And gross.

So there it is. Use what you’ve got.

I’m also trying to apply it to myself, use what talent you have, use the time that you have, do stuff, don’t put it off to next year, or Maybe Someday. Just do it. Then donate 50c to Nike for use of that slogan.

Do they even use that any more or am I just showing my age?

Anyhoo. That’s kinda working, I’m making progress on a few projects and trying to put myself out there and dare to believe that I can actually  accomplish something. Using up soup is considerably easier. I may just stick to that in the end. We’ll see.






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