My name in lights


Of all the reasons for which I thought I might one day see my name in the newspapers, I never would have imagined the one to make it would be designing knitwear for a Danish lady cop. And yet here it is : My jumpers in the Sunday Telegraph

Check out Emma Kennedy looking all serious in that white jumper. And Sofie Gråbøl being all badass in the red and white Strawberries and Crime. I MADE THOSE JUMPERS!!!!!


If anyone’s interested, I have started up a little website where I’ll be putting up my other knitted creation pattern: – They’ll be up soon, promise!

In the meantime you can get The Killing handbook from Amazon, Waterstones and UK bookstores. It contains my 3 jumper patterns, plenty of other Forbrydelsen-related craft stuff including the totally awesome Little Knitted Sarah Lund by Lauren O’Farrel and of course all the inside info on the series by the wonderful Emma Kennedy.

Buy it, or she will stare at you like this:


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