The Sock Olympics (simplified rules)

We all have chores we hate. For me it’s the ironing and the washing up. Mainly because they make my back hurt, because I don’t really mind them as activities. In fact there’s actually something quite satisfying to a nice clean plate or a crease-free shirt. It’s just the laboriousness of getting to it that puts me off.

And then, there are chores you love so much that you look forward to them. To be honest, there aren’t many. But sorting out the socks is one that Husband and I have even made a game out of. And here’s how it goes.

  • Sort out all the dry washing, fold and put away everything but the socks. Leave them all in a big pile in the middle of the bed.
  • Round 1 is the pairing. find the twins, fold them up together doing that pop-inside-out thingy. The one who matches the most pairs wins the round.
  • Round 2 is the sorting into his/hers. First one to get rid of all their pairs wins.
  • Round 3 is the shoot-out. Sock drawers are opened and balled socks thrown at them in turn. Misses are picked up and thrown again until successful. First one to get all their socks in their drawer wins.

How about you, any chores you’ve managed to make fun? Please share…


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