Plinky Thursday (nearly) 7

What’s the farthest you’ve ever traveled from home?

Hmm, I think that would probably be Martinique in the Carribean. Although I think Montreal would probably be a close second. Martinique is just beautiful, we first went there on our honeymoon, many many years ago (I’m so old). We went back last year to see friends of ours who have moved over there. It was still as beautiful, but a little less relaxing, as we had very humid airless weather for the first 4-5 days. I’m not good at humid, or hot.

What are your professional goals for the next year?

Hmm, well, without going into boring specifics, I’d say doing more of the cool stuff that I did last year. I’m enjoying the change in direction, so I’m curious o see where it will lead me. Or where I take it.

Describe your sense of humor.

Bad puns. Lots of them. And a lot of merciless piss-taking. Sorry Dave.

What’s your theory on why we dream?

Umm, isn’t there already plenty of scientific research into that? Or is the question more philosophical than physical/psychological? Meh, either way, can’t be bothered, it’s the weekend, leave me alone.

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve ever broken?

You know what, I can’t remember breaking anything expensive. I’ve been in a few car crashes, but never actually caused any of them. I’ve had a couple of close calls with my SLR camera, but it all turned out to be ok, so no breaks there. Nope, can’t think of anything.

How many siblings do you have?

5 in total. One little sister (Yes, she’s still little. Yes, I know she’s turning 30 soon, but that makes me old so she’s little, ok?), 2 half-brothers and 2 half-sisters. I don’t see any of them as much as I’d like. We seem to have all inherited the same detachedness, so we are very bad at staying in touch. But then at least we’re all as bad as each other.

How do you feel about Valentine’s Day?

Meh. I’m not bothered by it. The people who get all worked up about it and go on about how it’s a made-up tradition, that it’s too commercial, just make me laugh. All our festive days are made up. Every single one of them. They were all new and “fake” once. I bet the stone age guys had big long rants about these new-fangled soltices and equinoxes and how it’s all so commercial, and the preparations start earlier every year…


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