Plinky Thursday 5

Describe a great boss you’ve worked with.

Damn. Why couldn’t that have been “Describe a crazy mad lunatic boss you’ve worked with”? I have tons of stories about that. Well, I obviously can’t talk about the current one(s), that would just be awkward now. And, well, I think it’s fair to say I haven’t really had much luck in terms of previous bosses. Up until my current company, the best I had was “not actually criminally insane”. So, um… pass?

Write a haiku about something that drives you nuts.

Snow, ice and frozen wastelands;
though stunning, Russia
is no place for a meerkat.

Have you ever experienced an earthquake, flood, or other natural disaster?

Nothing major. A little bit of flooding in Toulouse, where we were living in a part of the city on an island in the middle of the Garonne river. We had to evacuate and were sent to our old student halls that we had moved out of only the year before. We were back home the next day.It was a moderately exciting adventure with no long term consequences. We were lucky.

How’s your 2011 going so far?

Well, not too bad. Better than the end of 2010. Still plenty of aches and pains, the usual accumulation of small ailments that gang up to pick on you. But I’m dealing with it.

What’s the most difficult recipe you’ve mastered?

Thai green curry, from scratch. The most diffficult part of it is sourcing some of the ingredients. The second most difficult is not passing out when opening the jar of unbelievably stinky prawn paste.

Describe a time when you learned a lesson the hard way.

My lesson? Just because someone has the title of Professor, doesn’t mean they’re smart. And just because someone can prescribe drugs, it doesn’t mean they know what the hell they’re doing or that it won’t cause you a fair amount of pain and distress.

What does your fitness routine consist of?

My what the what now? Well, once I get around to renewing my gym membership, it will probably be 15 mins on the bike, 10 on the rower, a few series on whatever machines are free, stretch then hit the hot tub or sauna. Or 30 lengths of the pool. And then hot tub or sauna.

And sometimes I just skip the workout and go straight to the hot tub. Or the sauna.


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