Thursday is Plinky day

Don’t you just hate those blog posts where people just moan on about why they haven’t been writing in their blog recently? Me too. So I’ll move swiftly on.

Plinky is a cute little service which sends you ideas, questions, inspirations if you will. Once a week. On a Thursday. This is good because it gives you a chance to explore topics you may not have thought of. It’s also good because you get an email which basically tells to to get writing, sharpish.

So I figured, since I’ve been most terribly distracted these past few months, maybe Plinky could help me get back on the horse. The blog horse. Oh do keep up.

So here goes.

Plinky question 1: Share a story about a memorable job interview.
I think most of the job interviews I remember, I remember them more for the jobs that they led to than for the actual interview. The one moment of actual interview I actually remember is one that didn’t lead to a job.
I was being interviewed by two women from a company which had some boring financial activity, the details of which I forget. One woman was quite pleasant, not much older than me, short, with long blond hair. The other was a middle aged woman, tall, skinny as a rake. Her hair was impeccably arranged in a bun and she wore glasses. She did not smile.
After a series of very classical technical questions around my experience and the position in question, she rearranged her papers, sat back, looked me straight in the eye and said “So, you’re 28. I expect you’re going to want to have children soon. In fact you’ve left it rather later than average. Why is that?”
I was so taken aback I can’t even remember what I said. Surprisingly, I was offered the position. I declined.

Plinky question 2: Describe a recent “Aha!” moment.
Well, I have been listening to a lot of 80’s music recently, so it’s hard to pick just one…

Plinky question 3: You get one hour in a time machine. Where to? The past? Or the future?
Wow. Good question. I should probably come up with some snarky answer involving somehow getting more than an hour… But I can’t be bothered. So. The past. I like the past. I know what’s there, pretty much. I don’t want to see the future. Either it’ll be bleak and depressing or it will be awesome and I’d be depressed to have to wait to see it for real.
Hang on. An hour… How exactly is that hour measured? Because that changes a lot. I’d like to see full terms and conditions of that offer before making my decision.

Plinky question 4: Share what you know about your family’s ancestry.
I now know a lot. Been playing around on, awesome site, very addictive. My mum’s side are from London for many generations, my great grandfather had a farm on White Hart Lane in Tottenham, where the Hotspurs football grounds are now. My Dad’s family are from up north, Burnley, Lancs. Just outside Manchester. I’ve found out a lot of fascinating stories and uncovered clues, it’s a fascinating thing to do.

Plinky question 5: What do you want to be remembered for? What kind of legacy do you want to leave?
Jaysus, what a question to ask. I dunno. I guess for having made a difference, whether that’s just by a few people close to me or… a few more people. Maybe even more than 10.

Plinky question 6: What are you looking forward to this year?
In the first few days of the new year, I got invited to 2 big dates. One is the 30th birthday of a friend I have seen far too little of these past few years and who has a beautiful baby boy I have yet to meet. The other is the wedding of two of my closest friends. To each other. At last, after 13 years together. I’m really looking forward to both of those things, and to the other awesome things that will undoubtedly turn up asthe year goes on.

Plinky question 7: What’s the single most important thing you accomplished this year?
Ah this is where I do the whole “Why I havent been writing my blog” excuse. This year, I made writing a part of my life. Not just the arsing around having fun writing bollocks part of my life that it’s always been, but a proper, serious part of it. And that has kept me rather busy, and kind of all written out. So now writing is a part of my job, and I’ve also been a good girl and finished That Damn Novel and sent it in to a publisher. And although there isn’t a snowflake’s chance in the warmer parts of southern hell on a hot day that it will ever be published, I’m still proud of that.
2010 was tough, some of it was deeply shitty, but some good did come of it. Bring it on, 2011.


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