I can has the powa?

I know NASA is trying to keep us busy with arsenic-eating bacteria, but what the world really needs right now is a big, useful discovery. Something that will change the world,
prevent climate change and provide a renewable energy source. And be incredibly cute while doing so.

No, not Brian Cox.


If you have ever seen a kitten play, you probably know what I mean. Not tiny newborn kittens, but the slightly older, teenage kittens. They seem to be powered by two different things, that don’t necessarily work all that well together. Raw kitten energy and pure undiluted kitten randomness.

Kitten: the "flop" state
It may surprise you to know that I am saying this because I have a kitten. Or rather she has a human. Two humans, actually. Anyhoo, that gives me plenty of opportunities to notice this phenomnomnom.

Often, the two forces will come into conflict. The energy is looking for a way out, but the randomness can’t decide what to do with it.

Purr. Rub. Flop. Attack. Lick. Get up. Run over there. Attack. Flop. Play. Attack. Rub. Purr. Flop. Attack. Get up. Run around. Repeat, randomly, ad nauseum. Sometimes

Surely there must be some way to harness this energy?

Maybe I should ask Brian Cox.


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