Yeah, I know. I am weak.

I went and bought an iPad.

But I need it!
It’s for work!

No, really!

Oh ok…

I bloody love the damn thing. And just for once, I’m going to admit that Dave was right. It might just be a big iPhone, but once you’ve started using it, your iPhone becomes a small iPad.

Not that I don’t love my dear old iPhone (2 years old already, happy birthday, that’s the longest I’ve ever had a phone, let alone loved a phone) No, the iPhone is still totally awesome. But there are some things that just seem so fiddly on the iPhone now. And there are things that just don’t suit the iPad. So I just don’t use them for the same things.

For example, I’m typing this on my iPad. I typed pretty much all the other posts for this blog on my iPhone. Can you tell the difference? No? Well I can! It’s basically the same old WordPress app, doing the same old cool stuff, but it’s just so much more comfortable on a nice big screen with a decent sized keyboard.

So, after 2 weeks, what are the cool bits?

This is Dave. He is occasionally wrong.

Well, first, there’s my case. Apple’s faux suede case is utterly crap, that at least, Dave was predictably wrong about. So I went and bought myself a nice leather folio case from usbfever.com, who also provided my yummy chocolate bar iPhone case. It looks really classy, and the multi-position stand function is dead simple and very handy.

As for the apps, there are plenty, but these are a few of my favourites:

Flipboard is a beautiful way to view your favourite magazines, and also your Twitter and Facebook feeds. It just makes everything look so very classy.

Discover is a cute little app that picks random articles from wikipedia and displays them in a new magazine-like format every time. Shake your iPad and you get a new set of articles in a new layout.

Feeddler is a great rss reader. If you have a Google Reader account, this is the app for you. If you haven’t, get one now. It’s the best way to keep a track of your favourite sites. Like this blog for example.

As for games, my favourite so far is Chop Sushi. The graphics are just gorgeous and the storyline is so wonderfully Japanese. As for the actual game itself, it’s a classic puzzler, but with a few twists that make it really interesting.


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