Eurovision blues

So, on Saturday, we sat and watched the eurovision song contest. I haven’t watched it all that often in the past, I may have seen it 4 or 5 times in my whole life. But one thing made it a lot more fun this year was Twitter. Sitting around watching the program with friends and exchanging witty quips about the acts would be fun if I had any friends on this island who enjoyed that kind of thing, but apparently I don’t, so Twitter is a great substitute. Yes, it’s sad, but hey, I would get a life if you could download one from iTunes.

Aside from the obvious comedy element, the eurovision is a wonderful opportunity to observe the varying degrees of insanity of our “European” neighbours. And yes, those were “ironic” “quotes”, because every time I look, Europe gets a bit bigger. Any minute now we’ll be annexing Brazil.

But, as they say in France, let’s get back to our sheep…

I was going to write a big long rant about the mad Belarussian Butterflies, the Siniter Spanish Marionettes (twice), why the French song wasn’t that bad (for France), or what on earth German Lena had been drinking/snorting/injecting/rubbing into her teeth to be in the state she was hen she accepted her prize…

But I won’t. By now, pretty much everyone who cares has had their own little rant, and many a water-cooler has been the scene of heated debate one way or another. Nope, no rant from me, I just have one question.

How on earth can a country (meaning the UK) that has produced so many truly great, world-renound singers, songwriters and bands, manage to NOT ENTER A SINGLE DECENT SONG/SINGER FOR SO MANY YEARS IN A ROW????? Is there something in the rules that says that the singers must not be of good enough quality to be commercially successful? Surely not, apparently this year’s winner, Lena Blackteeth, is quite successful over in Germany, so that can’t be why.

Is it just a reputation thing? Do good singers/bands not want to take part because of the Eurovision’s kitchyness? Or do we somehow willingly always select someone we knowis doomed to fail? Is finishing a glorious last with a youngling who sang flat for almost half the song preferable to finishing 5th, or 10th? Are we just plain doing it on purpose?


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