People are awesome, but they suck


People give to charity, volunteer, work for others, give up their time to care for those less fortunate.

People steal and break things that others saved long and hard to buy or worked hard to create, things that are needed and things that are loved.

People love, cherish and care. People are gentle and kind, generous and sweet.

People hate, ignore and despise. People are deceitful, selfish and hypocritical.

People are ingenious, inventive, creative. People teach and learn knowledge and skills. People can make and build things of exceptional beauty that last for hundreds of years and change the way generations to come will see things.

People are brutal, destructive and careless. People don’t think of the consequences of their acts. People take, damage and destroy things with no regard for the time and effort they took to create.

People know how to cause laughter, happiness and enjoyment.

People are capable of causing pain and suffering beyond measure.

People can help out others when they least expect it.

People can let down the others who really need them.

People can be selfless and forgiving.

People can be petty and vengeful.

People are awesome, but they suck.


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