End of an Era

We all know that change is bad, and should be resisted at all costs. Anything different should be feared, hunted down and beaten with a big stick. That’s how humanity works, right?

Well right now, a lot of things are changing. Over the past few months at work, we’ve had people arriving, and maybe more remarkably, people whom I have grown to consider as friends over the past couple of years, have left.
Our team has also undergone a couple of major organisational changes, changing team manager, direct manager, head of and department. And then, to go with that last change, came the desk move.

When I started here over 2 years ago, the online team was on the 2nd of our building’s 5 floors (well, 7 if you count the ground floor and basement), there we had a beautiful view of the Liffey and the quays. Then last year we moved up to the third floor, and the view changed to one of the An Post van parking yard and bits of the Dublin cityscape with the Wicklow mountains. We were deprived of our fascinating daily watching of the nearby construction sites, but in return we had a quite little corner, pretty much to our own, where our everyday conversation, geekiness oblige, quickly became as littered with terrible puns and dodgy innuendos as a bawdy 70’s comedy.

All that is now at an end. With our move to the 4th floor, the realm of the blonde and stillettoed, our view will change, both out of the window and internally. Not only have we lost our best storyteller and prime cuss-merchant, but we will now be sitting in the middle of a busy and crowded floor with the rest of our new and current team, with all our managers within earshot and screen-glance. My inner paranoiac has the impression that for some reason the powers that be assume that because we were in our quiet corner, we weren’t working properly. Obviously, putting us next to a self-confessed loud team of people who are always on the phone and running about seems to be the best choice for a team of creatives and developers. Of course it is.

On the plus side, we will at last be reunited with the rest of our team and we’ll be joining the rest of the people we have been working with for years. Hopefully this will mean a major change in the way we work and the way we see each other. All the same, it’s the end of an era, and I couldn’t help but think back, as I was packing up things on Friday afternoon (and scrubbing other people’s mini-ecosystems lovingly grown on puddles of dried milk off their desks, hem hemm…) I couldn’t help but reminisce about the good times we had in our secluded corner.

Oh well, here goes…


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