My dream job

I attach my necklace, adjust my hair, slip my camera, notepad and pen into my bag. I snap the lid of my laptop shut. Time to head down to the main dining room, punctuality is key. I need to be there before the captain’s guests arrive at his table. I have the list of their names in my note pad, I must make sure I put the right captions on the right photos ready for tomorrow morning!

The other articles are ready for tomorrow’s edition of the Daily Seagull, accounts of the daily activities, the programme for the day to come, an article on the markets of Istanbul, another on the best restaurants, so the passengers can take this ashore with them when we dock tomorrow. It will be printed during the night and delivered to them with their breakfast.

On my way up to the dining room, I greet some of the passengers I have already met during this cruise. Reg will meet me later once I have finished snapping the blushing honeymooners, the retired lovebirds and the golden girls as they wine and dine. He has been busy running the cyber cafe; even on holiday there are still plenty of people who like to stay in touch, and during the days at sea, some of the seniors like to get a quick crash course in using the internets. He’s such a good and patient teacher!

Another 4 days and we’ll be back home, 10 days rest and then we’re off again for another 2 week cruise, this time it’ll be in the carribean.

I don’t usually remember my dreams, and they are very rarely worth talking about, they’re usually either insanely abstract or they involve running around looking for a toilet that doesn’t exist. But this one was so precise and clear in my mind that I thought it might be worth a post. I would like to add that not only have I never actually thought about this subject before and it has nothing to do with current events, I wonder if years of watching the Love Boats as a kid are now seeping back up into my subconscious for some reason…

Then again, if there are any cruise companies out there who would like to hire me (well, us), please get in touch!


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