Lucky pennies

You all know the rhyme. See a penny, pick it up, and all that day, you’ll have good luck.

When I arrived in Ireland almost 2 whole years ago, I noticed almost immediately how much more common it was to find lucky pennies in the street. I wondered long and hard about the reason for this strange phenomenon. Could it be leprechauns? There are certainly enough rainbows around. Or could it be that the Celtic Tiger just didn’t care about leaving loose change hanging around on the ground?* When I asked a local chappy about it, he answered that it was because most Irish people wander around in such a drunken stupor all day that they don’t notice when they drop stuff.

It’s not stereotyping if one of them says it, right?

Anyhoo, having become accustomed to regularly finding a penny or two per week, sometimes even several per day, I began to ponder the whole thing. All that day you’ll have good luck, eh? So, what if you find your penny at ten minutes to midnight? Do you get ten minutes good luck? And what if you find several in one day? I wondered and pondered, until one day I woke up to find the following note under my pillow.

Global Luck Corporation Inc.
Wan Na Huynn

Dear client,

We receive your enquire about of our product Lucky Penny. We thank very much for use of Global Luck product. It bring much happyness to you we hope. Here is list terms and conditions for Lucky Penny.

You enjoy.


Luck Penny is a product of Global Luck Corporation Inc. (Ltd.) The individual luck fields surrounding the pennies are manufactured locally by subsidiaries of GLC, and although rigourous quality controls are undertaken to ensure customer satisfaction, GLC cannot be held responsible for any product flaws or malfunctions.

The person who finds the Lucky Penny (hereafter “the Finder”) is entitled to a period of 24 (twenty four) hours of relative luck field, surrounding them from the first contact with the Penny, in concordance with the first law of Penny Luck (“See a penny, pick it up, and all that day you’ll have good luck”) on condition that said penny be kept within a range of 25 (twenty five) metres from Finder at all times. Each penny can only be activated once per Finder, and only accidental finding of a penny entitles a person to the status of Finder.

Relative Luck Fields (RLF) are not cumulative, and any following Lucky Pennies found within the 24 hour period will not prolong the RLF, nor augment its capacity. However, if any penny or pennies are then given to a friend within 24 (twenty four) hours of finding it, that friend will in turn benefit from a RLF of diminished force, but for a period equal to, but not exceding, forever, according to the second law of Penny Luck (“Give that penny to a friend, and their luck will never end”), even if original Finder is still within the term of a RLF from a previous find.

GLC can in no way be held responsible for the occurrence or non-occurrence of any given event considered lucky or unlucky by the finder.

Global Luck Corporation and Tooth Fairy Ltd are part of the Ethereal Services Cooperative. Your personal data is not stored or transmitted to any third parties during or after your interaction with any ESC affiliates.

So now you know.

*Obviously, tigers don’t have pockets, so it would be quite understandable for it to have trouble hanging on to its loose change.


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