Guest blog: Fanman’s soapbox

Hi y’all. Don’t go thinking that this is just out of laziness, I do actually have some proper stuff brewing that I will post as soon as it’s ready, but in the meantime, I was asked – almost politely, he didn’t even mention minge once – by Damo the Fanman if I could post this for him. So I will, even if the conclusion is one that I rather disagree with. Anyhoo. Here it is.

2009 – The Twitter Year

2009 has probably been the most eventful year of my life. And it coincides with me joining Twitter. I was wondering if it was possible to get a print out of my near 19,000 tweets of the year so far. That would probably make interesting reading, and I could count up the number of mentions of minge. I’d guess the numbers would be quite high.

As 2009 is nearly over, I thought all of my troubles were behind me. This year has kicked me in the balls far too much to do it again, right? Wrong. But that’s for later.

I joined Twitter on January 25th 2009 after hearing Chris Moyles (@CHRISDJMOYLES) talk about it (well, slag it off). I thought I’d check it out, anyway, and see what the fuss was. I was a Facebook person, and loyal to it. Nothing could ever change that, I thought.

The first event of the year that Twitter oversaw was my wedding. Without my wedding, I probably wouldn’t still be on Twitter now. I had no followers, apart from my cousin Kirsty for the first couple of weeks. Then I asked Dominic Byrne (@domisatwit) (Chris Moyles’ news reader) a question on my wedding day. He replied via DM, and then followed me so I could reply. Without Dom’s follow, no one would’ve ever followed me! The first non-celebrity I followed was @sarahtonner, who sent me a message saying ‘FOLLOW ME!!!!!’. So I did. And then Twitter kind of kicked off.

Twitter opened doors for me – allowed me to meet new people and make new friends. I know I’ve made a few friends for life (including my new bff – @nik_kee_dee). Twitter got me work, too. And I became almost popular. And all I ever did was moan. So much was happening in Twitter land, that I became seriously addicted. Everything I did was on Twitter. Everyone knew everything. The good and the bad.

I will forever be grateful to Twitter and its population for allowing me to make so many good friends. I was going to mention them, but I’d be here all day and I’d get all emotional and teary. They know who they are, though, and that’s what matters.

When you have a close knit group of Twitter friends, it’s a wonderful thing. You be there for them, as much as you can be, and they’re there for you. It’s a great community, and I’ve liked sharing my insane thoughts with everyone.

My twitter community all wished me happy birthday in April and were always there to make me smile when I was sad. Then something happened that really made me appreciate everyone more.

My wife left me. In real life, my best friends are two brothers called Shane and Andy. I’ve grown up with them. Nowadays, Shane lives and works in Nigeria and Andy lives and works in the Cayman Islands. I needed my friends desperately. In their place, though, I had Twitter. My god, you lot were amazing. From all over the world, all of my little Twitter community were being brilliant. It was unbelievable. I can never thank the people who helped me enough.

I met my oldest Twitter friend on ‘Beatles Day’ – 09.09.09. She was lovely. She still is lovely. But I only got to see her for a few hours. Not long after then, she asked me to walk up Ben Nevis for her charity. I agreed (for whatever reason), and I did it. I still can’t feel any sense of achievement though, cos I’m still pissed off (I should just let go, but I can’t). I raised well over £500, too. Twitter helped with that. Many of you were very generous, and the tight ones were very supportive 

I fell in love with that girl. Properly head over heels and she felt the same about me. Woohoo! There was distance involved, but we’d get over that, we said. And we had seen lots of each other until this month.

And that leads me to what I hope will be the last kick in the balls 2009 serves up. I still love this amazing girl, and I think she still loves me, but circumstance has caused us to part. I’m well and truly gutted and my head’s all a mess and everything. The weird bit is, it hurts more than my marriage breaking up. But life goes on. And 2009 is NEARLY over.

I’ve managed to share all this with you lot over this poxy year. And I think I should stop inflicting you with it all. I think 2009 will be my year of Twitter, and I should not go beyond. It’s probably time to stop.

Perhaps 2010 will be a better year (it can’t really be much worse!), and even without Twitter, the friends I have made here over the year will be my friends forever. Thank you all!!


One thought on “Guest blog: Fanman’s soapbox

  1. My apologies to those who where grown up enough to post proper comments about this, but I am closing comments on this post, it does seem to make some people behave like 3-year-olds. If you have something to say to Damo and you know him, say it to his face. If you don’t know him, I suggest you refrain from commenting about his life.

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