What is your favourite colour?

Blue. No, wait, red…

And so I am thrown into the Gorge of Eternal Peril, or whatever it’s called.

Monty Python’s Holy Grail is my favouritest film ever.

No, wait, it isn’t, my favourite film is… Ah. I actually don’t have one. There are so many that I like. So many in fact that I would be hard put to name my top 10, even without giving them any kind of order. The same goes for books, music, colours, food… In fact I don’t really have a favourite anything*.

I have kind of noticed this over the years whenever that particular kind of question arose, but I have only just realised the scale of it.

It’s all Absolute Radio’s fault. They are having a “Song of the Decade” competition, any song, any genre, as long as it came out within the last 10 years. So I sat there and thought for a while. I even looked at songs that other people had picked. I liked quite a lot of them, I agreed that they’re good songs, but could I pick a favourite, even from that restricted list? Nope. Just couldn’t do it. I could pick, say, the best rock song, or the best one to kick off a playlist with, or the best one to cheer up a rainy afternoon, I can do specific, I just can’t pick my overall favourite. It’s terrible.

I try to fill in the “Favourite books/authors/music/movies” sections on things like facebook or myspace, but every time I start writing I feel terribly afraid that I’m forgetting someone/something and my mind just goes blank. Then someone else will say “oh, I just love Such-and-such”** and I’ll think “Oh I am silly, I love that/them too, why didn’t I think to add them to my list?” and then I’ll forget.

What is it with this mental blockage I seem to have? Why can’t I just pick one thing, one band, movie, author, and become obsessed with it? Even a genre would be a start! No, I just have to love everything and everyone***. Not sure if that makes me a hippy or just a culture slut.

Oh well…

*Except human beings. I have a very definite favourite one of those, and by some miracle I managed to marry him. And no, just because it’s sweet doesn’t mean it isn’t true.

**Someone should start a band called Such-and-such. They would feel very loved and talked about without having to do anything at all.

***Except for Lady Caca and that bloody meerkat. And the tenor from those gocompare adverts.


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