Niggly piggly

Do you have little things that annoy you on a regular basis, dear reader?

Well, you may be surprised to learn that I do. Quite a few actually. Who’d have thought it?

Let us, however, concentrate on one particular type of annoyance for the moment, shall we? In this case, we’re talking grammar. And spelling. Or more specifically the lack or abuse of it.

Now I for one am not exactly the best speller in the world, and grammar is not my best subject ever, I will gladly admit that I am far from being perfect at it. I don’t really mind people writing emails full of typos, or using text language, although I do consider it a bit lazy when you have a full keyboard, time to read over what you have just written and you’re not limited in characters. It’s more of a politeness to the person you are writing to rather than an actual crime against English. But I get it, you’re in a hurry and it’s only a quick email. Whatever.

However, the thing that really, really bugs me, is people who write something that will be printed or otherwise displayed in public, and who don’t bother to get it checked. If you are producing a public sign of any kind, you are representing yourself and/or your company in front of the general public. Would you get up on stage with your flies open or your skirt hitched up in your knickers? Not willingly, I bet, unless you’re doing a sketch of some kind. Or if you’re Lady Caca, in which case you’re just doing it for the attention and you deserve a good slap.

Seriously, what kind of an image does a massive billboard give of your organisation if it has a great big grammatical mistake or a silly typo slap bang in the middle of it? As for the web, it’s even more important to get it right because as smart as Google may be, it can only work with what you give it. If your content is full of mistakes, it doesn’t know, and your visitors may not notice, but if you have, for example, repeatedly replaced a capital O with a number 0, say, for example, in your company’s name, Google won’t show people your page when they go looking for your company spelled with that correct letter O.

Yes, that whole O/0 thing is one of my pet niggles at the moment, far far worse than anything spelling or grammar-related. You could get away with it on a typewriter, and admittedly in some fonts it looks pretty much the same, but most of the time it shows, and… Oh well come on, you KNOW it’s different, they are 2 different keys on the keyboard, one is a number, one is a letter, FFS! How can you even mentally process something that wrong more easily that typing the correct thing? What is WRONG with you?

Oh well, I think I’ll go look at to calm myself down…


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