Pick of the week XII

Today’s pick of the week is very slightly hypocritical, because I have never actually bought any of the lovely things I am going to recommend. Not for lack of wanting to, or even for lack of cash, but simply because lovely as they are, they just wouldn’t suit me. I just don’t have the kind of figure that looks good in a basic-shaped t-shirt, no matter how cool the design. I really wish I did, because some of these tees just rock. So I get Husband to wear the cool tees, he’s my perfect fashion accessory.

There are many many great t-shirt sites on the web, possibly the best known is lafraise.com, where you can vote for the designs you like, and buy the ones that make it through the selection.

Another unmissable place for t-shirts and much much much more, if you are a geek, is ThinkGeek.com, possibly one of the worst sites on the whole wide web for causing sever decreases in productivity. Not Safe For Work in the very “may get you fired because you’ve spent the last 6 hours looking at marshmallow guns” kind of way. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

And last but not least, a little one I stumbled across the other day, Snorgtees, has a hilarious range of designs…

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