Ginger nuts

Now I may not have seen a single leprechaun since I moved to Ireland, despite spotting and indeed chasing a fair number of rainbows, but some of the clichés about the Emerald Isle are a lot easier to confirm. Yes, the Oyrish eat potatoes all the time (in fact I’ll write a post about that one of these days), yes, they are lovely people, and yes, there are more redheads per square mile than there would be at a Pippi Longstocking convention.

I know a fair number of ginger people, and from what I’ve heard, they have all been picked on or given a hard time for their hair colour at some point or other, and some more than others. Thankfully, they no longer (usually) get burned for being witches. Some of them are proud of their gingerness, others down right hate it, but so far I have never met a redhead who didn’t care.

So I just wanted to say that I really love gingerness. I love the golden gingers, the shocking orange gingers, and I love the glorious auburns. I love long ginger plaits, short red crew-cuts and white-flecked ginger beards. I love Geoff‘s big fluffy head and Emer‘s lovely locks, and although I have not seen any pics of Joseph, he did post one of a lovely ginger cat, and my dearest loveliest cat was a ginger. Also, his ginger Simpsonised avatar rocks.

I would really have loved to be ginger myself, and it’s even more unfair by the fact that there are actually redheads in my family… Unfortunately, given my previous attempts at colouring hair, I think it’s best that I refrain from any further attempts to achieve fake gingerness. I’m fine at doing subtle highlight colours, but the only times I have tried something more radical, I have caused nothing but catastrophes.

Back at school I tried dying my hair blue, but the part where I attempted to bleach my natural dark brown to make the blue show up went a little wrong so the blue became a splodgy pattern of light and dark blue with patches of green. A good few years later, I suggested that Hubby try out a “copper” highlight on his lovely long locks. Well, he ended up with an orange so bright that it was positively day-glo, and it lasted for months! (Strangely enough he refused to let me try to dye it back to a more natural colour) So nope, I won’t be trying anything like that again, brunette I be, brunette I must remain…

Ginger people, you rock, be proud of your gingerness!


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