She stands to face the rising sun, her head raised to its warming golden rays, her eyes closed as if to better serve her other senses with the experience of the dawn. The beach stretches out before her, wide and flat, the lazily lapping waves are far away now, but in a few hours they will be back at her feet again. Small groups of birds are searching the sand and the rock pools, looking for their breakfast. A light breeze is blowing, up along the coast, caressing her face; her body is seaweed and stars, fishes and wind.

She is of the sea and the air, from here and from the ends of the earth. She has travelled the world, but she has always been right here. She has touched the coasts of far off continents, kissed every beach, explored the dark depths where the light never reaches and laid lazily in the sun around the tropical reefs. Sometimes she is calm, sucking softly at the sand, sometimes she is unchained, crashing at the rocks, throwing ships around like children’s toys, and then the calm returns… She is the Voyager.

She was the first to greet me, the first to welcome me to this golden coast, and I loved her on sight; Voyager, the great wide beach, the sea breeze. Every morning, every evening, she is there when I leave, she is waiting for me when I return.

I have always had a strange sense of connection with the sea and water in general, as far back as I can remember, a sense of calm and belonging whenever I am near it, no matter which sea, which bit of coast. This beautiful statue by artist Linda Brunker on the strand along Laytown beach is a perfect homage to the spirit of the sea, it is wonderfully detailed, both stylish and great fun, as you get closer and begin to notice all the different elements that make up the body and cover the base. I love this statue, and I must have taken a million pictures of her over the past year and a half, so I thought she deserved a bit of a mention.


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