Pick of the week IX

Well, as today is a particularly lazy post-barbeque Sunday, I thought I’d pick you all a particularly indulgent and yummy pick of the week. So here are my current 2 favourite treats. And yet again, Twitter is to blame.

First, Stephanie mentioned Chocolate and Guinness* cake. Ok, so she had me at “chocolate”, but the addition of Guinness, now my local tipple of choice, made me that bit more curious. So I googled it, and found Nigella’s recipe for this terrible evil dessert. And I tried it. And loved it. And now I’m hooked. So try it yourself, it’s a very easy one to do, just make sure you have a big enough saucepan and baking tin because there is a lot of cake mix. Also, my own little tip: only put in 250g of sugar, 400 is just ridiculous. I haven’t tried the icing yet, it is just lovely on its own.

And then, as I mentioned before, I ended up with a rather large quantity of raspberries. Rather than just succumb to the obvious cliché of jam making, I asked the Twitter hivemind for suggestions, and Geoff came up with this mind-blowingly yummy recipe for Iced Scandinavian Berries with white chocolate sauce (second recipe on the page). At first I thought it looked insanely sweet and reckoned it would turn out to be quite sickening, but actually, the cream and the unsweetened berries mean that all the sweetening is being done by the white chocolate, so it levels out and becomes quite delicious!


*Of course, being baked, there is no alcohol at all left in the cake by the time it’s ready to eat.

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