Pick of the week VIII

Well, following on from last week’s pick, here are a few great Twitter accounts to follow. And if you’re not on Twitter yet, get on it now.

Veryshortstory does exactly what it says on the tin. Every tweet is a complete story in only 140 characters or less. Unfortunately they are usually too long to re-tweet, but they are very very good. There is also a website where you can read them all, and you can become a fan on facebook too if you’re on that…

Shitmydadsays, again, another one that delivers exactly what it promises. A guy named Justin tweeting the stuff his aged parent comes out with, and some of it is just priceless!

Featsoftweet is a new project by Paul the Twitchhiker (and if you weren’t following that particular adventure, check out his website!) and it looks quite promising. Yet another way of harnessing the power of the Twitterverse!

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