The Almost Cassandra Crossing

Ok, so there was no actual accident, no deadly virus, and not only was I not on the train but I sure as hell am no Sophia Loren. All the same, a railway bridge did collapse.
I guess that’s as far as I’m going to be able to push that analogy, eh? Oh well, at least I got a title out of it.

I usually get the 18:15 train home from work, except on Fridays, because Fridays is early leaving day. Yes they is, my precious. So on Fridays, I sometimes head home earlier, and sometimes I pop into town for a spot of shopping. The thing is, being incredibly lazy, I quite often manage to find excuses for only getting the train home when Husband is around to pick me up from the station. Otherwise it’s a 15-20 minute walk home. Mostly uphill. Yes, I know, I’m pathetic.

Last Friday, for once, Boredom won the fight with Laziness, try as I may, I couldn’t think of anything to do that required less effort than the walk home, and it was a nice day, so for once, I hit the early train.

At 18:20-ish, the driver of a train coming the other way noticed “some subsidence” on the tracks over the Malahide estuary. This is a strip of railway that runs over a series of dikes/bridges across a wide estuary. It’s one of my favourite bits of my daily train ride, speeding along with water on both sides, the views are amazing. Anyhoo, he reported what he had seen to Rail HQ and all trains on the line were stopped pending investigation. A few minutes later, a whole chunk of bridge collapsed into the water. The next train going across that bridge would have been my usual 18:15 train.

So luckily, and thanks to the driver of that train, no-one was hurt and a major catastrophe was avoided. Now all we have to do is put up with the ridiculous replacement services that Iarnrod Eireann have dreamed up for at least 3 months while they repair it. Rather than just laying on a replacement bus service that follows the same route, they want us to travel North to Drogheda so we can get a direct bus to Dublin. Which is stupid and will more or less double the journey time of most people.

Lets just focus on the fact that it could have been a lot worse, shall we? Why are the newspaper titles never “Thousands not dead in dramatically avoided accident.” ?


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