Pick of the week VII

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I’ll begin.

Once upon a time there was a princess.

Well, obviously, not a real princess, but no-one ever starts a story with “once upon a time there was a thirty-something web designer”.

Anyhoo, this particular princess must have had a whole bag of Bird’s Eye frozen peas under mattress because she just couldn’t sleep. While she was tossing and turning, her poor tired brain got hit by a freak ray of inspiration, and she ended up muling over what seemed to be quite a good idea. So she got up and wrote it down and went back to bed.

The rule for insomnia-induced good ideas is that if they still seem like good ideas the next day, they are worthy of further research. This one did, so much so that for once it has actually made it to the realisation stage. It should be launching soon, so this is a slightly preemptive Pick of the week. Let’s just say this is your exclusive preview to thank all 3 of you for reading my blog…

So, the big idea is called Tweet Side Story. It’s like that game you play where someone starts a story and then you go round the campfire, and everyone adds a sentence or two to the story until it spirals out of control and starts involving pot plants and aliens. It’s exactly like that, but on Twitter. Go take a look at the website, and follow @tweetsidestory on Twitter, so you’ll be the first to know when it starts up!

Thanks must be given to my partner in crime, Damo, whose main job in this venture is to prod me and ask me if it’s ready yet, and when we’re going to be rich. Soon, Damo, soon…

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