Pick of the week VI

Post Secret is just the most amazingly touching, human, unique project I have seen in a long while. I have known it for quite some time, now, but I tend to forget about it and rediscover it time and time again. So now I’ve added it to my Google Reader* list, just to be sure I never miss another post.

The principle is simple, people write/draw/collage their secrets onto postcards, and send them off to a post box, and they end up on the Internet. Sometimes the secrets are sad, sometimes they are shocking, sometimes they are hilarious, or just very, very human, but they all speak to you in a very touching way.

There have even been a couple of books released compiling the best of the postcards, you can find them on Amazon, here. I’m sure they’d be a great addition to any coffee table…

Here’s my pic of today’s secrets. I could have sent it.


*Google Reader is a very handy thing, if you don’t already use it, or some similar RSS feed thingy, I recommend it most highly. It’s my 3rd brain, the one in charge of remembering to check out all those websites and blogs I like.


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