Pick of the week V

You know how to peel a banana, right?


The glorious thing about the Internet is that, while you’re sifting through the infinite quantities of crud, every now and then you find a gem. It’s a bit like beachcombing, sometimes you find a pretty shell, sometimes the shell is pretty enough for you to pick it up and look closer. If it’s really pretty, you might show it to your friends, or even put it in your pocket and take it home and pop it on the window sill. And then, sometimes, you find a washed up waterproof suitcase full of a couple of million in used notes belonging to some people who will really really want it back.

Well, obviously not literally, that only happens in films. But every now and then, you will encounter something on the interwebs that will change your life. Maybe in a small way, maybe it will radically shake your world.

Well this is one of those life-changing ones. Maybe I’d better just let you watch it for yourself.

Yes. You are not mistaken. This is amazing, groundbreaking, earth-shattering stuff. And now, you too know the secret. In fact a secret so well kept, one could easily think the united governments of the world had conspired to hush it up. Easily.

But now the secret is out, what destiny now awaits us enlightened ones? We must pass on the information to those who are still set in their paths of lowly stem-end-peelers. Also, it could be a good way to impress people at fancy parties, and therefore climb the social ladder as if it was one big banana plant*. Yeah baby, we’ll all be hobnobbing with the nobs any day now! And all that thanks to the secret of proper banana peeling.

All we have to do is find parties where they serve bananas.

*Bananas don’t grow on trees, you know, the banana tree is a giant grass, and bananas themselves are in fact technically berries. I should totally be on QI. Also, I know way too much about bananas, this is slightly worrying.

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