Annabel vs the Internet

Over the many years I have listened to Absolute Radio (previously known as Virgin Radio, previously not known as the artist once known as Prince and now known as Prince again) and the antics of Geoff Lloyd and his symposium in particular, the features have come and gone. For some reason, the most popular ones, such as Drunk vs Stoned, were rarely the ones I liked best. I guess I’m just not down with the kids. That will totally come as a surprise to all of you, I’m sure.

I will always have a soft spot for old Piglet’s Dead of the Night, and Night Fever, Annabel’s Dirty Book at Bedtime, and Porting Controversy, and strangely enough, for the Shitting Forecast too… However, as good as the other features have been since, nothing has quite made me smile quite as insanely since Geoff made poor Nelson say he preferred Robert Mugabe to his own father.

Then along came Annabel Emily Port (again), and her legendary impermeability to new technology trends. We’re talking Luddite material here, folks. Maybe even a little bit Amish. She would ride a horse in to work if there was anywhere to park one in Soho… In fact I’m pretty sure she brushes her teeth with baking soda. Well, ok, maybe not. But it did take several thousand people joining a group to drag her on to facebook.

So for the grand premiere of this new addition to the Hometime Show, Geoff set her a first mission: to emulate Twitter without using the Internet at all. And she actually achieved some surprising results. I won’t spoil it for you, if you haven’t heard it, you can (MUST) listen to the podcast of it here. But let’s just say that it triggered the kind of response that just makes you smile at human (and canine) niceness, and feel all warm and fuzzy inside. It’s the radio equivalent of a mug of Horlicks on a winter’s evening. It is also deeply ironic to be blogging about this, I guess.

Unfortunately, at the second task of trying to find a skateboarding dog, she proved to be really badly rubbish. But there will be other tasks for Miss Port to show us what she’s made of, and I for one am greatly looking forward to it…


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