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I’ve been told I should write. So I thought I should write about that.

For the last 11 years now, Hubby has been nagging me about it, but we all know husbands aren’t there to be listened to or anything silly like that. I mean seriously, that would be insane, not to mention dangerous. So I’ve dutifully ignored him so far. But then, every now and again some un-biased (or at least less-biased) person goes and says something along the lines of “that was good, you should write a book!”.

Ah, well, here’s the thing. Even if I was to admit that what I write is any good, I’m absolutely hopeless at finishing things. Unless I have to, of course. I mean, if I have a task at work, and it needs completing, it’ll be done, and knowing me, probably way before the deadline, because I like to get things out of the way. Because I’m lousy at finishing things, and if I don’t finish them quickly, I’ll forget, or start procrastinating, or lose interest or a subtle brew of all three. I also have no patience whatsoever, if something has to be done, it has to provide results fast, or I’ll get annoyed and drop it. And that is exactly what seems to have happened to all my great personal writing projects, including at least 5 Nobel-worthy novels.

Could I write a full-scale publishable book? I honestly have no idea. And if I say here and now that I can’t, I know it will come back and bite me in the arse once I’ve become a multi-million copy selling star of literature. And if I dare say I think I could, well, I have no doubt that the 3 people to read this would gladly point the finger and laugh as I fail miserably… But hey, maybe one day I’ll try. Again.

So this is my latest attempt at “you-should-writing”. Blogging is so far the best format I have found for my little outbursts of verbal creativity. I can make each post as long as I like (within reason), and there may just be a chance that I can give each one a roughly decent ending before it becomes too boring or I forget what I was talking about in the first place. And unlike scribbling in a notebook (as much as I looove notebooks) there is a chance that someone will read it. Maybe.

I must admit, being able to do it on the iPhone is a great help and a luxury I deeply enjoy. With my handy little WordPress app I can jot down my ideas as they come, rework them until they’re in a roughly presentable form and then upload them directly into your poor unsuspecting eyes. I probably wouldn’t write even half as much without my Pocket Brain.

But what should I write about? Inspiration has always been both the blessing and the curse of all us “creative types”. It tends to come in flashes, I find, but whether or not that shining vision will last long enough for you to see the project to fruition is what really makes all the difference. Most of the time, my cunning plans barely last long enough to reach the “scribbled down on a scrap of paper” stage.

A few years back, I joined an online wargame that a friend of mine had developed, it had a text-only interface, and a very simple game play system, so all the fun was in the creating and developing of your character, writing short stories and role-playing in the “Tavern” chatroom. This provided hours of fun and plenty of inspiration, as I was constantly interacting with other characters, quite a few of whom enjoyed writing as much as I do. However, as one does, after a good few years, I tired of the game, spent less time on the site, and wrote less. But I must say that the medieval-fantasy-comedy mixture I indulged in at the time was very pleasant to write, as much as it is to read, Pratchett fangirl that I am…

So, am I going to start producing pages of sword-wielding orcs slipping on banana skins? Meh. Not here in any case. I think this blog is pretty much going in the direction I want it to go in, but please, dear reader(s?), do tell me if there are things you would like to see more or less about! – Ah, I have just seen that the most popular search terms that have led people to my blog this past week were “bruno cock”. Oh well, if you so desire…


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