Pick of the week III

This weekend we were diagnosed with Canadians. Don’t worry, they’re only mildly contagious and we’ve been told we’ll be all better by Monday.

Today’s pick of the week is a topical one, as we have 2 lovely guests staying with us this weekend, courtesy of Couchsurfing.org.

I must say that in the year and a half that we’ve been taking part in this project, we have been very lucky, all the people who have come to stay with us have been interesting and nice people.  The first reaction I usually get from people when I tell them about couchsurfing is along the lines of “wow, I could never do that, what if they’re horrible people?”.

Well, for a start, you don’t have to let them come stay with you, you get to see their profile, see if anyone has recommended them, you can chat as much or as little with them beforehand as you like, and if you don’t like the look of them, well, just say no. But the thing is, a project like this depends on people being nice to each other, so it does tend to attract a majority of nice, like-minded people.

There is a fantastic community vibe to Couchsurfing.org, in Dublin there are plenty of couchsurfing evenings and activities going on, and if we weren’t so shy (and so far from Dublin for late night activites) we would join in more.


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