Yes, minister?

bell peppersThe thing about peppers, or bell peppers as the Americans apparently call them, is that although I really quite like the taste of them, they go through me quicker than a handful of protons. Neutrons. Neutrinos. Quarks. Whatever those thingies are that go through anything really fast. A handful of them.

Well, if I may be so bold as to attempt a dodgy analogy – and you know I am – politics are kind of the same. I know that as a responsible adult *cough* I should know and care about politics, and I do kind of understand the basic mechanics of it all, roughly. But I don’t like politics, I can’t seem to digest political stuff at all. Any conversation veering toward the subject will be met on my part with a politely dazed silence, or at best a pathetic attempt to agree with the general trend of the discussion without taking to much of a risk.

Unless of course it’s something obviously ridiculous like “yes, but Hitler was a really snappy dresser”. Obviously.

Aside from mildly alienating me from politically-inclined people -which is no real loss, for them or for me, I guess- the main consequence of this affliction is that I struggle to enjoy political satire and politically-themed comedy. I remember enjoying Yes Minister and Yes Prime-Minister when I was younger, but like Blackadder, I was only getting half the jokes. When I grew up and watched Blackadder again I was almost shocked to finally grasp all the naughty innuendos, cringeing at the knowledge that I had proudly repeated those jokes for years, from age 7-ish onwards, oblivious to their true meaning. When I watched Yes Prime-Minister as an adult, I still didn’t get all the jokes. Either that or the canned laughter was in the wrong place.

Or take the recent film In The Loop, with the most excellent Chris Addison and many other talented peeps. I went to see it, and although I laughed a lot, I got the same feeling: there were things I just wasn’t getting. So I generally enjoyed it, it did seem very well written, finely crafted humour, but it did give me a bit of a headache, and left me feeling rather guilty. Because I always get the feeling that I should be more interested in all that stuff.

Unfortunately, my brain’s rejection of all things political seems to be as uncontrollable and uncurable as my digestive system’s reaction to peppers.


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