Funny ha ha

(Warning, this note contains themes of a sexual nature, and even a bit about people being in love. If either of these things offend you, please don’t read any further…)

So, Sacha Baron Cohen is waving his cock around again. Oh well.

I haven’t been to see Brüno yet. I saw Borat and enjoyed it, I guess, in a slightly concussed fashion. I mean, its aim was to shock people into laughter, and to offend those who were stupid enough to go see a film that clearly stated its intentions and still be offended by it. If you don’t like robots, don’t go and see Transformers. But still, although I laughed a lot, I also cringed like mad, that’s part of the fun, that’s what the film was trying to achieve, and it succeeded. Love it or hate it, it does what it says on the tin. Like marmite. But in a tin.

I like comedy. I like to laugh. Besides, it’s part of my duty as a fat person to be jolly, or so I’ve heard. After all, I was raised from an early age on a diet of such gems of British comedy as Allo’ Allo’, Fawlty Towers and Blackadder, not to mention Red Dwarf. Well, Red Dwarf was special, I was banned from watching it after my mother heard a sarcastic warning by the BBC announcer guy that “this episode may be scary due to a big space monster, kids, you may want to hide behind the sofa right now just in case!” and she took it as seriously as a health and safety warning. So I had to sneak upstairs and watch it on the tiny black and white* TV in my parents’ room while they settled in front of Dynasty, which is a much more suitable for of children’s entertainment. Watching Red Dwarf became an exciting act of rebellion against the oppressive cultural regime. I was ten.

Recently, though, I have begun to notice a difference in the things that make me laugh and how they make me laugh. Or fail to.

Maybe it’s just the company I’ve been keeping, on Twitter for example, but I get the impression that there is quite a fashion in the world of comedy at the moment for that “shock you into laughing” humour that Baron Cohen, or the guys who write South Park for example are so very good at it. And it’s fun, up to a point. After that point, it just becomes boys in the playground saying “cunt” and sniggering, because it’s naughty but they’re daring to do it anyway. Then they’ll draw a cock-and-balls on your exercise book and run away.

And then there’s the other kind of comedy, the slightly more -oh dear, this is going to ge me in to no end of trouble- more intelligently engineered kind of humour. Well, sorry, but it’s true. The Junos, the Little Miss Sunshines, the Big Bang Theories, the IT Crowds, and so many more… The kind of comedy that makes you laugh because it’s actually going through you brain first. And in some cases, it may even make you smile. That’s right, smile.
The smile, in my opinion, should be the Holy Grail of the comedian. Making someone laugh is easy, take a ladder, or a banana peel, and hurt yourself. People will laugh. But getting people to smile with you is a much subtler art.

I guess it’s pretty much the difference between a quick passionate shag in a public loo with a sexy guy you’ve just met and slow warm love-making in a comfy bed with the man you have loved for years. They’re both enjoyable, but the first one**, although it’ll probably get more adrenaline pumping, will leave you feeling rather slutty, whereas the second will leave you with a warm feeling of satisfaction. And which one I’d prefer kind of depends on what mood I’m in.

Uh, sorry, that last bit was referring to the humour, not the sex. Obviously. *wave* Hi Hubby!

So I’ll probably go and see Brüno’s penis-waving antics, and I’ll laugh and cringe and admire the pure guts the guy has, but I will always have a lot more respect and admiration for those who put so much effort into carefully crafting the shining diamonds of humour that make me smile and feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

*Yes, kids, once upon a time, TV only existed in black and white. And no, there were no dinosaurs around when I was little. Except for Denver, the last dinosaur. He was my buddy and a whole lot more.

**This is pure theory, of course, I have absolutely no idea what that kind of thing would actually feel like, being the pure innocent soul that I am. *wave* Hi mum!


2 thoughts on “Funny ha ha

  1. As you so articulately point out, there are different genres of comedy.

    But as a purveyor of comedic content (well, you be the judge of that), I also have to be cognizant of my audience. An email to Absolute Radio needs to be structured differently than an email to an accountant in my office. The humor must be tailored to each one.

  2. ** if you to know more about more about the innocence of Kat you can write to …… Argh no more tickling …. Sorry in fact I have nothing to say 🙂

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