Pick of the week II

This week, I think I’ll recommend the very thing I’m writing this note on. No, not my sofa (although you’re all welcome to come and try it out), not even my poor ancient 1st generation iPhone. Nope, my big up this week is for the WordPress iPhone app. It’s just so handy to be able to jot down a note, or even just the idea for one, whenever one pops into my brain, because that tends to be at totally random moments. The ones I get in the shower or sitting on the loo in the middle of the night are still safe, however, as contrary to common belief, I do sometimes put my iPhone down and leave it alone.

I guess I should also toss in something that everyone can use and enjoy, so I’ll recommend a site and a company that are really very cool. moo.com is a site that will print you out the coolest cards, stickers and other really nifty little things. They are fast, friendly, great quality prints, and really good value for money. What’s more if you have your pictures on a site like flickr or facebook, you can just drag and drop pictures straight from there into moo’s great little interface and start creating in a couple of clicks! They also print on Eco-friendly paper using non-toxic inks and all! A perfect example of how a company with the right attitude can make a customer experience really enjoyable. Go Moo!


One thought on “Pick of the week II

  1. I’m only getting my first iphone this week. We are so far behind technologically here. It seems in Europe everyone has a smartphone. That is not the case in the states as yet. I think cost is an element. It will cost me approximately $90/month to maintain (60 quid using a quid = $1.50 exchange rate).

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