Oh Potter!

Anyone who knows me at all will at some point have had to put up with me going on about how fabulous my dear husband is. But I would now like to address two specific qualities of his. First of all, he is one of the few, the rare few, the happy few, dare I say, who have not read the Harry Potter books. Yes, I know it seems unbelievable, but there it is. Not that he doesn’t like that kind of book, he just doesn’t get much reading time.

The second thing to be noted about my other half, is that he still has that fabulous innocence that allows him, like other young children, to ask what other people may consider to be a silly question. Usually in a nice loud voice so “that lady over there” can clearly hear the question about that hairy mole on her upper lip.

Anyhoo. These two facts may seem unrelated, but they suddenly become terribly relevant when we go to see a new Harry Potter movie. In fact, as the films go by, the ensuing question session becomes more and more intense. It’s not just me, is it, they are missing out more and more really important bits that were crucial to the plot, right?

Friday last, we went to see “HP6”. I was kind of excited, it had been a while since the last movie and I was impatient for it to move on. Before the film had even begun I was pissed off. First, one of Hubby’s colleagues had invited himself along, and he turned out to be the world’s most annoying and boring guy. Seriously, it took him about 2 sentences to make me want to punch him. Then, once we were settled in our uncomfortable seats in the sticky-floored cinema, we were subjected to yet another example of dickery. The guy next to us was listening to his iPod so loud we could barely hear the trailers/adverts, I mean who *does* that kind of thing? No-one, that’s who.

The film started up, and our delightful neighbour finally stowed his headphones away, narrowly escaping being strangled with them. Two and a half hours of sighing and facepalming on my behalf, and spousal grunting about his numb-bum, and we were out of there, wading through the sea of empty bottles and strewn popcorn. We ditched the world’s most annoying man as quickly as possible and headed home. And that’s when the questions began.

Don’t get me wrong, the film was enjoyable, it was good fun and I had a good time. But I just keep wondering how they’re going to follow on from some of the changes they’ve made, because some of them just make no sense at all to me right now… As Hubby was asking all his painfully pertinent questions, I realised once again that if you haven’t read the book before seeing the movie, there are quite a few things you really don’t get, or miss out on completely. And if you have read the book, you’ll spend half the film wondering why the hell that bit is different, where that new bit came from, or why they haven’t mentioned that particular key plot element at all. It’s all very annoying. Obviously you can never adapt a book to the screen without a certain amount of rewriting, but in the case of the Harry Potter franchise, I really get the feeling that they’re just missing out too many important bits for it to make any sense.

Still, it could be worse. They could make a film about Gary Potter.


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