Pick of the week

So hey, here’s a thought: how about (in a desperate attempt to provide some interesting content for this blog), once a week, I pick some of the best things I’ve seen on the web (or off the web, does that still exist?) and post them up here for all (!) to see? How does that sound?

I guess this week, I would have to start with Cake Wrecks, as that site alone really has cost me quite a bit of my productivity this week and a few laughter-induced belly cramps as well. Seriously, if concentrating on your job is at all critical, like, say, if you’re a security guy in a nuclear power plant, don’t even think about it. Save it for home. No, really.

In fact Cake Wrecks brought me more than just a lot of laughs, it also led me to the “awesome” Unnecessary Quotes “blog”. Another masterpiece in taking the piss of other people’s poor thinking. Or should that be “thinking”?

And to conclude what seems to have taken on something of a theme here, I will add the genius that is Awkward Family Photos. Wonderful awkwardness.

So there you are, your week at work is now completely ruined. And it’s not even Monday morning yet. Well, it isn’t now, it may well be by the time you read this, but that’s hardly my fault.


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