Parlez-vous blog?

About 5 years ago now, I started a blog. A blog in French. Because I was in France, living among the frogs like a very small wolf in a green wetsuit, trying to blend in. So most of the people I knew were French, and since they were the only ones who could be guilted/pressured/blackmailed into reading my drivel, in French it was.

I haven’t been a very prolific blogger, I must admit, my updates have been rather random, sometimes several in a week, sometimes nothing for months. I’m guessing that will pretty much be true here too. Not that (m)any people will read it anyway… That’s the thing with blogs, you see, unlike Twitter or facebook or other such stat-driven social network tools, unless people leave comments, you never know how many have actually read your ponderings…

The thing is though, although it is always nice to get feedback (preferably positive) on what i’ve written, I don’t really care if no-one reads it. In fact the same goes for Twitter, I hardly ever check how many “followers” I have, and I’m nearly always astonished when I do that there are still more than 3 people on that list! No, you see. I just have to write. Something, somewhere, whether it gets read or not. And most of the time, it’s pointless crud.

So why this new blog in English? Why not just continue to take it out on those 3 poor frenchies who still read the old one? Well, that one will continue, but I find that since moving back to civilisation – albeit the Irish version of it – most of the things I want to rant about are pretty Anglophone-centric. Stuff on TV, current affaires, food, all that…

So, though it may not be as jet-settingly exciting as Perez Hilton’s or Stephen Fry‘s, and although I do not intend to use the word “cunt” anywhere near as much as Michael Legge, I bid you welcome to this pat-ridden field of musing, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll run now and never look back.


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